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The Qualitree Young Plant Program is unique in that it is designed as a strategic relationship with growers. When you purchase Qualitree Young Plants you do not just receive the plants, you also receive free Grower support until you have successfully finished growing. Work with our specialized team and experience a new level of partnership. Your success is our success.

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Young Plants

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Complimentary Grower to Grower Support

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Successful Finish

Program Services


  • Prior to placing your order we can help select the size input that best matches your available grow window and finish date.
  • We always try to shorten crop cycles so you can turn your space faster


  • The moment you place an order we contact you to set up a support case and to see if you have any questions before shipping
  • Review facility and environmental requirements
  • Review of crop status pictures and recommendations to reduce risk and increase crop portential
  • Ongoing support from planting time to distribution
  • On-site consulting and crop development*

(*Dependent on sales volume.)

Complimentary Access to the Qualitree Grower Community

  • Answers at your fingertips for many common questions
  • In depth grower information such as culture sheets
  • Ask questions 24/7 to get answers from the community or Qualitree support staff.
  • Access to Crop Groups. See posts from Qualitree growers sharing how we grow our crop and discuss. Share and learn from growers all over North America growing the same crop
  • Grower support case-feed. See a record of your crop being supported and easily communicate with us or post questions or pictures for feedback

Access to Global Research and Innovation

  • Because we specialize, you get access to the latest product development and advances in research from the world’s largest experts on our specialties
  • Proper fertility level recommendations based on our experience
  • Irrigation water analysis, review and recommendations
  • Soil media development and consultation

Community Member Bonus!

Growers helping growers. That is what our community is built to do!



The Qualitree Community site is the primary destination for in depth knowledge and collaboration with Qualitree experts and industry peers.


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