The Qualitree Grower Support Program

For many years now Qualitree has chosen to specialize in a tight range of crops which now includes 14 genera. We chose to go this route because we wanted to be “Top of mind”; the first place your mind brings up, when you think about Lavender, Calluna, Erica, or any other of the 14 genera that we have decided to specialize in! In choosing this we knew and know that to achieve what we want, we would have to have a laser focus and never stop striving for perfection!

Today Qualitree’s finished crops are well recognized and shipped all across this wonderful continent. As growers in other parts of North America learned about our finished programs and wanted to work with us, we wanted to ensure that they were successful from the start and that they didn’t have to “go it alone”. If we could save them the hard lessons growing a new crop doles out, and help ensure success from day one – now THAT would be a great thing!

So was born the “Qualitree Grower Support Program”.

We’ve all bought something from a salesman who with slick words sold us that snazzy new “must have toy”. I remember my first remote controlled helicopter and how easy it looked to fly. Who doesn’t want to fly and be free? I shelled out my hard earned shekels and took that shiny new copter home! Alas not thirty-six seconds into my first solo flight and I crashed and burned…

We didn’t want our grower customers to have to grow alone with the potential to “crash and burn”! We wanted to share the experience gained from years of growing finished products with those customers in a strategic partnership – Growers helping Growers. At first that support was a list of customers and a conscious effort to stay in touch regularly with each of them by phone, email, text, etc. The best part is that customers don’t talk to a “customer service” agent – they talk directly with our head grower Gary Neels. With over 20 years of experience growing at Qualitree, Gary is passionate about the Qualitree Grower Support Program.[/vc_column_text]

“I just love talking directly with the growers. They love the program and can feel that I’m not just another consultant. I feel so rewarded when we have those “aha” moments while discussing a crop that it makes it all worth while!”

~Gary Neels (Head Grower)

Over time the program became more refined and structured. Major investments have recently been made in software and an online community to centralize communications as we were finding it impossible to keep all of the information together in one place!

Because all Qualitree young plants are sold through the broker network (Click here to check out our brokers) we wanted to ensure that the system we built allowed for complete transparency.  Effectively we wanted to create a “Support Triangle”.    Customer – Broker – Qualitree. All three parties are invested in a successful crop finish. Selling young plants is only the beginning – successfully shipping the crop to happy customers is the win!




What does the program offer to You, The Customer?

You can learn more details by visiting our Young Plant Program page but allow me to give you a few of the highlights I think you will like best:

  • Consultation even before you place an order on what the most efficient input size is to finish the crop in the available space & time. We always try to shorten your crop cycle which puts money in your wallet!
  • Facility and climate considerations discussed.
  • The moment we receive your order we create a grower support case with your crop details and goals clearly noted. We’ll send you a quick form that you fill out in seconds asking you who you would like to keep up to date besides yourself. (You might add another grower, an owner, your wife, etc) We add these names to the “Case Team” and instantly when these people log into their community login they can view the case, comment on it, add pictures, ask questions, and so on.  “@mention” anyone in your comments and they will instantly get an email notification.
  • We realize people are busy so we pro-actively check in with you regularly to see how things are going with the crop. We make it easy for you to upload pictures from your phone or computer so that we can see what the crop looks like and spot problems before it’s too late to correct them!
  • Because we specialize, we are constantly learning new things about our crops from sources all over the world – as our customer who might not necessarily specialize to the degree we do – we pass this knowledge on to you!
  • Because the support is managed on the Qualitree Customer Community you can not only get support from Qualitree team members but also from other growers! Join crop groups, follow friends, read articles, download culture sheets and marketing pictures, and so much more…

We’re growers too. We know growers can be a little introverted sometimes but we think you’ll enjoy the experience of collaborative growing. Why? Because from the bottom of our hearts want you to be successful with the young plants you receive from Qualitree. We think you will feel that and even if you are not yet growing any crops with us – we invite you to join us in the Qualitree Customer Community today.

Let’s grow things better…together!

 P.S.   Still on our manual support system? Drop Jesse, our Community Manager an email and he will be happy to get you switched to our beautiful new system.

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