A popular, low-growing perennial shrub with striking colors that is perfect for gardens and planters. Qualitree is a North American leader in Calluna production.   We grow two main types:

  1. Skyline® Series – Grown for it’s architectural foliage spikes it does not flower but provides “Thriller” for planters.
  2. Bud Bloomers.   Shaped similiar to the nib of a pen – the brilliant color of the flowers is all on the outside of the bud (nib) and it never opens up thus never allowing the rain and sun to get at the inside of the flower which is what makes Bud Blooming Calluna so long lasting!
We are constantly working on further development with our nursery breeder partners in Europe – look to Qualitree for the latest innovations in Calluna for North America! Calluna is complimented well by Euonymus.

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