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Common Name:   Winterberry

Gaultheria with a massive berry set?   It’s one of our specialties here at Qualitree!   Also known as “Winterberry”, Gaultheria procumbens has soft white/pink, bell-shaped flowers that turn into big, red, edible berries by fall. These berries release a winterfresh fragrance when crushed, that instantly reminds you of winterberry flavoured chewing gum!    Gaultheria does incredibly well as an indoor plant and because it is hardy to most of North America it also works outdoors and is perfectly suited for brightening up any type of container garden combination. Does great in our Holiday Program and compliments Cupressus nicely.


height 12"-18"Foliage Green
Plant Spread 2'-3'Flowers White turning into red fruit
Growth Habit SpreadingFlowering Time June-October
USDA Zone USDA Zone: 3Light Requirements Full Sun/Part shade
Royalties Royalties not claimed; Propagation is permitted Plant Use Easy Care;Ornamental Berries; Year round interest

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