• Juniperus Squamata Blue Star

About This Project

Common Name:   Blue Star Juniper

No not all Junipers. Only Blue Star Juniper. Why? The Qualitree plant mix is very tuned towards the growing trend of container gardening in pots, window boxes, deck boxes, etc.   Blue Star Juniper with it’s attractive “star shaped” foliage and tolerance to cold weather it is a natural plant for those late or early season planter mixes and thus has earned a spot in our product line. Compliments Calluna ‘Veluwe’ nicely.


height 18"-36"Foliage Green
Plant Spread 18"-24"Flowers Lavender/Purple
Growth Habit UprightFlowering Time April-June
hardiness USDA Zone: 6Light Requirements Full Sun/ Part Shade
Royalties Respect the breeder's rights; Propagation is prohibited Plant Use Attracts butterflies; Fragrant; Gift Plant

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