What is MPS and why did we choose to work with them?

Qualitree is fully focused on ensuring that we are environmentally friendly and keeping up with today’s codes and certifications. MPS helps us stay on top of this all.  We believe as a team that we should be good stewards of what has been entrusted to our care.   “Always do the right thing.”. This includes our stewardship towards the environment and we wanted to be held accountable for that. MPS provides the system of accountability and monitoring to ensure we walk the talk.

When asked for what MPS does and is, Regional Coordinator Charlotte Smit says:

“Foundation MPS (we are a not for profit organization) started its activities in 1995 in the Netherlands. Our mission was and is to cooperate with growers and the floriculture/ horticulture sector in general to maintain its position & reputation in the market place.

MPS is the market leader for registration, certification and innovations in the international horticultural sector. Worldwide more than 4,000 companies (growers, wholesalers, retailers) participate in MPS. MPS is active in more than 40 countries.

MPS’ certificates are worldwide known and acknowledged by the international grower and retail organisations. The certificates enable entrepreneurs to implement sustainability at their companies as they contain requirements with regard to environmental, quality and social aspects. MPS is established in the Netherlands. For companies abroad MPS has a network of regional coordinators.

Activities in North America were initiated in 2008 and nowadays MPS has 3 employees working on the North American market with a total of 45 certified operations for MPS ABC. This number has shown a significant increase in the last year and a half.

The activities of Foundation MPS are focused on the floriculture/ horticultural sector. With over 20 years of expertise & experience in working with growers on environmental/ sustainable practices growers have an unique opportunity to be part of the MPS ABC Sustainability Scorecard.

Key elements of this certificate are:

Unique benchmarking system towards peer growers on national & international level (based on usage of crop protection agents, fertilizers, energy, water and waste)
Improvement tool on sustainability; learn how you are scoring and where you can improve on the 5 mentioned themes
Ensures independent verification of your company / records on annual bases by an external auditor
Growing market recognition in North America. international recognition amongst retailers & big boxes.

Foundation MPS offers a cooperation to growers where regional coordinators will implement the MPS ABC system and help growers understand their position in the benchmark towards other growers.

Being relatively young on the North American market does not mean no experience; there is a 20-year track record in working with breeders, young plant growers, bulb growers, nurseries, outdoor production and greenhouse production. We have a practical mind set which aims at continuous improvement of the growers and where sustainability has to profitable.”

So why did Qualitree choose to go with MPS? As always we aim for the best and MPS is characterized as the market leader in the area of CSR certification. Although not as well known as of yet in North America, MPS is very well known in Europe.   We believe that in this global marketplace we find ourselves in, that aligning ourselves with an internationally recognized organization like MPS was the best choice. We really are shooting to be as accountable as possible for our stance on environmental sustainability and knowing that MPS provides detailed reporting so that we know how we are doing in relation to our peers is great and helps keep us on track ourselves. Just as we stand firm in saying that quality is in our name and we don’t ship anything that is below our standards of quality, we’d like to be able to say the same about our sustainability and that is why we have chosen MPS.

Visit the MPS site to learn more about them. Click here!

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