Our Euonymus plugs, your success!

A conversation with Tony Van Oort: Sales Manager and Partner of Qualitree Propagators


Tony Van Oort
For many years now Qualitree has prided itself with providing fantastic quality Euonymus 21 plugs to large wholesale growers and the numbers of satisfied customers keep growing year after year.

-Tony Van Oort

So the question is:  Why are growers so successful with Qualitree’s Euonymus 21 plugs?  

I can think of 3 simple reasons – allow me to elaborate:

1) They are clean. 
Many nurseries, especially those growing Euonymus in the warmer summers of the east coast, struggle to keep their crops anthracnose free. Qualitree 21 plugs are grown in a very clean environment. Cuttings stock for the following year is always taken from the young plugs that are about to ship to customers. This means our plug production cycle is longer than it needs to be but the full year cycle allows us to take cuttings from cuttings which is vital to keeping our stock clean.

2) They are very full and multi-branched.

These plugs are power packs! We use three cuttings per cell that are trimmed back multiple times after rooting so that they don’t go into the winter with too much foliage. This also promotes heavy branching and a massive full plug by shipping time (view picture above for example). The steps to growing this plug to this quality are allowing the plant to grow in a vegetative state in spring, then removing cuttings for next years’ crop, and lastly, a final uniform trim is given followed by a sterilizing/ protecting spray treatment. The plugs are then ready to ship to customers and will finish quickly. The goal is always a one-year cycle so that growers never have old product sitting around. This prevents the attraction of many diseases.

3) They save growers money by reducing the amount of inventory on the ground.

Tired of holding 1-gallon crop back to plant up next spring? So were we because holding stock back takes precious overwintering space and greatly increases your risk of diseases like anthracnose. The question I pose to growers is then, why not plant multiple plugs into the larger size pots? Paying for multiple plugs per pot still works out cheaper than buying or holding 1-gallons back! We think you will find the results are healthier, fresher looking end products grown in 1 year instead of 2, it’s a win win! In fact, we are so successful at this that often we sell out faster than we think and perhaps run out of planting stock or short our production cycle by accident.

The next question one might ask is: What are the timelines for finishing the various sizes?

The answer is actually quite simple; growers should plant in April or early May to finish all sizes. 1 plug per pot for 1 and 2 gallons, 2 plugs per pot for 3 gallons and 3 plugs per pot for 5 gallons. Log into our community via the link below to check out and download our Euonymus input guide.

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Join the growing number of growers who love the convenience and peace of mind achieved by growing Euonymus from Qualitree 21 plugs!


Check out our latest video on how to successfully grow our Euonymus 21 plugs.

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