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The Qualitree Retail Ready Program is a dynamic partnership. We work hard to build and maintain strong relationships built on mutual trust, respect, open communication, and attention to detail. We trust that working with us you will soon notice we are focused on solutions. At Qualitree, your success is our success!

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Calluna Skyline - grown exclusively by Qualitree. Amazing architectural fronds with no blooms.

Tour Qualitree copy 18

Calluna color for the artist inside.

Tour Qualitree copy 19

Qualitree only grows bud bloomers for LONG LASTING color.

Tour Qualitree copy 20

A close up of the buds - color is on the outside of the bud which never opens up.

Tour Qualitree copy 21

The towering fronds of Skyline have so many uses!

Tour Qualitree copy 22

Skyline series provide interest in combination planters.

Tour Qualitree copy 23

The interesting foliage of Calocephalus give your planters flair!

Tour Qualitree copy 24

Calocephalus in a nice pot look great all on their own as well!

Tour Qualitree copy 25

Chamaecyparis (Euro Cypress) are a mainstay of the Qualitree Christmas program.

Tour Qualitree copy 26

Look to Qualitree for the best Lemon Cypress around!

Tour Qualitree copy 27

Did you know that Lemon cypress does extremely well indoors?

Tour Qualitree copy 28

Add a lemon to mixed bowls and make them pop!

Tour Qualitree copy 32

Winter flowering erica - color in the winter time.

Tour Qualitree copy 33

Ask us how to produce Erica Duo's (Sometimes called Candy Cane Erica) Your customers will love you.

Tour Qualitree copy 34

Qualitree finished 4" Erica provide color for planters all winter long.

Tour Qualitree copy 35

Qualitree 21 plug Euonymus - ask us how we can drastically shorten your crop cycle for 1's up to 5's.

Tour Qualitree copy 38

Gaultheria 72 plugs.

Tour Qualitree copy 39

Did you know that Gaultheria make great houseplants?

Tour Qualitree copy 40

Gaultheria work well in any type of mixed planter from September to April!

Tour Qualitree copy 41

Blue blue Blue Star - a hardy planter bestie.

Tour Qualitree copy 42

English lavender love

Tour Qualitree copy 43

Start compact - finish compact.

Tour Qualitree copy 44

Lavender... a patio gardener's favourite!

Tour Qualitree copy 45

Stoechas 'Deep Rose' - a natural for a 5" pot size.

Tour Qualitree copy 46

Lavandula close up

Tour Qualitree copy 47

What's not to love?

Tour Qualitree copy 48

Ask us how you can produce this from a liner!

Tour Qualitree copy 49

Grab and go gifts for Mom.

Tour Qualitree copy 54

Osmanthus 'Goshiki'. Did you know that Goshiki means "Five Colors" in Japanese?

Tour Qualitree copy 55

Alberta Spruce like none other.

Tour Qualitree copy 56

We specialize in retail ready Alberta Spruce in smaller sizes!

Tour Qualitree copy 57

Are you a grower looking for Alberta Spruce liners? Look no more!

Tour Qualitree copy 58

We love Cedars - check out our range including Thuja occ Anniek - a hardy planter favourite.

Tour Qualitree copy 59

Emerald liners like a boss.

Tour Qualitree copy 60

Container grown? Yes!

Tour Qualitree copy 61

Cookie Cutter Emerald Green Arbs by the truckload.

Tour Qualitree copy 62

Thuja Mirijam

Fast Selling Plant Programs - Qualitree


  • Our product mix is aligned with end-consumer trends such as the shift towards container gardening and seasonal planters
  • Available Seasonal decorations with high consumer appeal can be applied before shipping
  • Attractive retail ready racking available.
Product Innovation


  • Continuous innovation and new plant development is our passion.
  • State-of-the-art operation from propagation to shipping.
  • Monthly continuous improvement initiatives in all business processes.


  • Experienced at direct-to-store delivery (blind-load services)
  • Simple ordering process that allows input of all relevant order information:
  1. SKU
  2. Retail Price
  3. Custom Logo
  4. Packaging Details
  5. Decoration
  6. Picture Tag
  • Packaged, labeled and ready to sell for minimal handling
  • Our systems approach ensures that your requested order specifications are done right the first time!
  • Our innovative shipping practices reduce your transportation costs.
  • No need to ship full racks of one product to be re-handled: we can mix multiple products per rack to provide custom mixes that can simply be cross-docked.
Wholesaler Focused


  • We don’t go around you period.  We are Wholesalers and Growers focused.
  • We know you are busy – we excel at Just on Time Delivery for seamless integration of our product lines into your own.

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