Lavender Program

At Qualitree, lavender is our passion! Through extensive research and study, and through partnership with some of Europe’s finest lavender growers, we’ve become North America’s leading lavender experts in both finished lavender for retail as well as our premiere lavender young plant program.

Qualitree lavender young plants are unlike any other lavender plugs. They are trimmed every 10 days after rooting to promote heavy branching from the base of the plug. The heavily branched plugs will drastically reduce crop times translating into money saved. Growing over 1.5 million retail ready lavender per year gives our grower support team that deep knowledge you will hear from them when you source your lavender young plants from Qualitree and get free access to our Grower Support Program as well as exclusive access to the Qualitree Online Community connecting lavender growers across North America.

View the slide decks below to learn more about Qualitree finished and young plant lavender.   Contact the Qualitree sales team or your favourite broker today to learn more.

Young Lavender

Lavender Young Program Slide 1

A well trimmed, heavily branched 50 plug input for short crop cycles

Lavender Young Program Slide 2

1 Gallon Lavender from 50 plugs planted in December for Mothers Day finish.

Lavender Young Program Slide 3

Trimming is the difference! Qualitree plugs are trimmed up to 6 times before they are shipped!

Lavender Young Program Slide 4

English Lavender plugs

Lavender Young Program Slide 5

English lavender plugs heavily trimmed ready to grow!

Retail Ready Lavender

1 Gallon Spanish Lavender on Standard - A Qualitree specialty and a customer favourite!

Lavender Program Slide 2

2 Gallon Spanish Lavender grown in color matched bowls to attract the consumers eye in an instant!

Lavender Program Slide 4

Stoechas 'Deep Rose' a compact variety that blooms early and is excellent for smaller pot sizes.

Lavender Program Slide 5

2 Gallon Lavender standards on a customer patio. Ask us how you can grow this from liner inputs!

Lavender Program Slide 6

Lavender for Mother? Dress it up and it's a grab and go gift for Mom!

Lavender Program Slide 7

Stoechas 'Deep Rose' in a 5 inch pot ready for retail!

Lavender Program Slide 1
Lavender Program Slide 8

Start with a heavily branched plug - end with a compact 1 gallon!

Lavender Program slide 9

Lavender are perfect for summer time patio enjoyment.

Lavender Program Slide 11

Lavender - a patio gardeners delight.

Lavender Program Slide 3

Up close and personal with Lavender 'Blue Royalty'

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Lavender is widely appreciated around the world. As we develop this crop through our research and trials, we’re able to bring lots of varieties into the market. As a grower, I know we’re making a lot of lavender lovers very happy!

-Gary Neels