Photo Tour of Qualitree

We would love the opportunity to give you a personal tour and invite you to visit us sometime soon! In the meantime we invite you to enjoy the slideshow below to get a small sampling of what we are about. When you decide to come pay us a visit be sure to take advantage of the great hotel discount we have arranged on your behalf as our guest!

(Our YouTube videos found below slide show)

Tour Qualitree copy

We hope you can travel this country road leading to Qualitree soon! In the meantime please enjoy this slideshow!

Tour Qualitree copy 2

Custom plant mixes being loaded for customers onto one way racks.

Tour Qualitree

The home farm on Ferry Rd Propagation and outdoor growing space.

Tour Qualitree copy 3

This beautiful mountain in the background is Mt. Cheam - part of the Canadian Cascades.

Tour Qualitree copy 4

Calluna growing in the July heat just before color starts to show in August.

Tour Qualitree copy 5

We do a LOT of trimming at Qualitree and we think you will love the results!

Tour Qualitree copy 6

Very Berry! Gaultheria procumbens ready to ship.

Tour Qualitree copy 7

Lemon Cypress 4" ready for shipment.

Tour Qualitree copy 8

Lavender Standards ready to delight Mom on Mother's Day!

Tour Qualitree copy 9

We get a lot of rain here! Sawdust topping on all pots allow for weed and moss control.

Tour Qualitree copy 10

Heavily branched Lavender 50 plugs on the transplant line - no sorting required!

Tour Qualitree copy 11

Freshly planted Lavender 50 plugs in October

Tour Qualitree copy 12

A truckload (26 pallet) of 1 gallon Lavender standards ready to roll to points east.

Tour Qualitree copy 13

We busted the California stack. Crates make unloading a breeze!

Tour Qualitree copy 14

Boxed product waiting for a ride in the morning sunshine.

Tour Qualitree copy 15

Biologicals are safe to apply and that makes us happy.

Tour Qualitree copy 16

Gaultheria just before the flower stage - pollinators prepared.

Below are two of our favorite You-Tube videos about Qualitree. Check them out, we think you’ll like them too! For more videos please subscribe to our youtube channel and take a moment to connect with us on your favorite social media channels by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the page. Observe us for a while – its the best way to get to know us!

Would you like to tour Qualitree in person? Please contact our sales team and we would be delighted to host you. Be sure to take advantage of our corporate rates we have negotiated for you at one of the finest hotel around!