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At Qualitree, innovation and color combine with artistic curiosity to produce some of the finest plant products and distribution programs in the country.

We’re all about creative innovation based on our advanced and disciplined propagation processes. Our commitment to quality and ensuring our clients’ success is evident in the way we do business: from growing small plants to loading big trucks, we take pride in everything we do.

Qualitree believes in building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and business partners. We’ve found that those relationships often give rise to the development of new ideas based on open communication, trust, respect and hard work. That’s because our clients are more than just our clients: they’re also our collaborators, our teachers, our students and our friends. In fact, Qualitree is so committed to their success that we’re constantly looking for new ways to work together with them.

Qualitree sincerely appreciates the business that our clients bring to us. In turn, we’re committed to giving them the quality and innovation they deserve.

I could not be happier! The plants were the healthiest I have ever seen. I get material from all over and none looked as healthy as yours. They were good and wet, the packaging was perfect – it even smelled nice. You called to warn me that the Erica were past their prime before you shipped but, in my opinion, they were perfect. I am excited for next year!

Elam Sauder
Sauders Tree Farm
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